Tracking Assets

It is a web based solution in which you can integrate your custom map
as an overlay on Google Maps, if required. You may use
your own GPS tracking devices.


You can rebrand to use your logo and colour schemes and customise,
Secure for your specific needs.
It incorporates advanced security features.

Scalable Platform

It can be installed on your servers for complete control, security and privacy. You can create any number of groups and sub-groups.
It is designed to support thousands of GPS tracking devices.

Getting Started

Only one lifetime license required with no recurring monthly costs.
You can get the custom tracking solutions you need without having
to build them.Use our platform to save time,
money and provide certainty.

Professional Installation

No expertise required for you to install it. Saudi Tracking professional installation services will have you up and running quickly.

Collaborate with Us

Our development team is ready for you to develop and implement
special custom features and enhancements to your
Saudi Tracking Enterprise solution.


Interactive Map View

Track Exact Location of Your Assets in Real Time

The Interactive Map View feature of Saudi Tracking Software empowers users to track their assets'location in real time round the clock. This intuitive tracking and mapping software lets users see their fleet's travel points on live Google Maps in various different view and in Open Street Map, offering an in-depth look at real-time activity and statuses. Individuals can instantly zoom in on the vehicle locations or job's site right from the map.

Multi-Map View

Customize Your Map Views for Easy Visibility

The Multi-Map View feature in Saudi Tracking Software allows users to track multiple vehicles on several screens. This map feature provides a user-friendly interface, enabling users to track a variety of workday activity for single vehicles and sub-fleets on multiple easy maps for targeted tracking.

List View

See Vehicle Events, Locations, Status in List View in Real Time

The List View feature in Saudi Tracking Software provide users with the ability to view real-time vehicle location, status and exceptions, as they happen in real time. This useful feature collects and displays up-to-date data including historical fleet events and nearest vehicle proximity to targeted locations on smart tabs for easy search in the List View. Full-screen view of all incoming vehicle information, such as real-time locations, fleet activity such as when a vehicle's ignition is off or it's enroute to a job site to stay updated. Also available is an easy search filter. Simply enter a name of a vehicle in the bar for a targeted search, 24/7.

Vehicle Events

Track Vehicle Events as They Happen in Real-Time

The Vehicle Events feature in Saudi Tracking Software enables fleet managers to view real-time fleet events (statuses) as they happen in real time such as when a vehicle's is turned on or off, including the date/time of the occurrence and the location. As vehicle events occur, the data is organized right beneath the map, in the Data View, showing the most recent status at the very top of the log.

Vehicle Locate

Find Your Fleet's Geographic Locations On Demand.

The Vehicle Locate feature in Saudi Tracking Software automatically pushes real-time fleet updates to sauditracking such as current engine statuses and event times registering them on the map and on the Data View. Fleet managers can choose how often they receive data via pre-set frequencies or by manually requesting a locate for any vehicle on the map, at any time.

Nearest Vehicle

View the Nearest Vehicles by Travel Time to Key Points on the Map.

The Nearest Vehicle feature in Saudi Tracking Software gives users an instant, real-time map view of the closest vehicles to a landmark such as a job site, an address or other vehicles for optimal routing and improved drive time. Once this advanced feature is activated, fleet location data is quickly calculated and listed in the Data View in order of proximity to the selected geographic point or vehicle. Travel distance including travel time is shown for each vehicle, enabling users with the ability to quickly dispatch the nearest vehicles or sub-fleets to any last-minute jobs.

History Playback

Quickly Access Replay of Past Vehicle Activity.

The History Playback feature in Saudi Tracking Sofware allows users to replay the latest fleet activity for a single vehicle or sub-fleet including location, speed and status during the event from any device or Web browser. The replay pops up directly on the interactive map to give full geographic context of driver activity: where they've been, for how long and more.


Create Locations and Geo-Fences for Easy Monitoring

The Landmarks feature in Saudi Tracking Sofware allows users to customize geographic locations, such as job sites, fuel stops and other important travel points, and strategically plot them on the interactive map. Landmarks, which are represented by custom, color-coded icons, can be used to see the nearest vehicles to jobs sites and other key locations, making it easier than ever to route them accordingly and improve efficiency.


Get Real-Time Alerts for Key Vehicle Activity.

Saudi Tracking Sofware Alerts allow fleet managers to receive updated vehicle data for exception conditions and messages. Alerts can be customized for selected fleet activity, such as when a vehicle speeds against a set limit or travels after-hours. When exception conditions are triggered or inbound messages are sent, the alerts forward email or SMS communication about the event to selected recipients. Users can view the alerts from their desktops or mobile phones, enabling selected managers to monitor their fleet's every move, at any time.


Run or Schedule Reports On Demand for Insight into Your Fleet

Core Reports in sauditracking are preinstalled vehicle reports that provide users with insight into a wide range of fleet performance metrics based on basic GPS and engine data. Core Reports detail anything from idle time, daily mileage and fuel usage to arrival and stop times, travel distances and exception conditions.

Core Reports

No. Report Name Description
1. Consolidated Report Consolidated report containing all the essential parameters of travelling
2. Geofence Report Geofencing In/Out report for the trackers
3. Trips Report Computes various trips done by the tracker and reports with complete statistics
4. Events Report Reports all the events generated by the tracker in the specified period
5. Overspeed Report Reports all the speed violations done by the tracker
6. Fuel Analysis Report Computes fuel consumption report for a tracker
7. Temperature Analysis Report Computes statistics of the temperature recordings
8. Idling Report Reports all the places and the durations where vehicle was idling
9. Stopover Report Reports all the places and the durations where vehicle was stopped
10. Current Fleet Report Generates report with all the positions and status of your current fleet
11. Job Allocation Report Shows all the completed and scheduled jobs for the specified period
12. Summary Report Shows history of the path taken in textual format
13. Journey Report (Vehicle) Reports all the journeys based on Odometer and business/private mode
14. Journey Report Reports of all the journeys based on Driver, Odometer and business/private mode
15. Path Completion Report Display completion report for the scheduled path(s)
16. Accident Report In case of an impact this reports shows the pre-impact and post-impact analysis
17. Overspeed Report (Ex) Extended Overspeed report with distance, duration and maximum speed reached
18. Overspeed In Geofence Overspeeding violations in hardware geofence areas
19. Trip Report (Single Line) Detailed trip report with support of private and business distances
21. Driver Scoring Report Calculates the score of the drivers based on their driving performance
22. Engine Hours Compute Working Engine Hours
23. Student Management Report Shows Details of each student
24. Driver Work Report Computes work done by a driver