Manage e-Commerce and B2B logistics operations from one single platform, on handheld devices, mobile and desktops

Get real-time inventory access, optimize your warehouse space, and streamline your order fulfillment process to always deliver on-time

____ Solutions ____

Third-Party Logistics

Supply Chain Management


Online Retail


Food & Beverage

____ Brief ____

why logistic ?

  • Dynamic Production and Distribution

    ODM is a B2B solution designed to manage and fulfill the cycle of orders and delivery between businesses. ODM is available as a Web platform (Supplier Portal and Merchant Portal for providers) and a mobile platform (Driver App and Warehouse App)
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  • Improvment your business

    Whether you are a consumer goods provider, with or without a fleet and POSs, or just a fleet-service company, ODM will help you enhance your overall performance, save time and money and take your business to the next level.
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  • Supplier and Merchant Portals

    1. Dashboard
    2. Users Management
    3. System Configuration
    4. Products Management
    5. Warehouses Management
    6. Merchants Management
    7. Fleets Management
    8. Tasks & Orders Management
    9. Returns Management
    10. Generating Reports

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  • Driver Mobile App

    1. Login and confirm vehicle plate number
    2. Home screen. View tasks and orders and more
    3. History of Tasks and orders' Details
    4. Issues screen; create, view, and cancel issues.
    5. 'More Screen' for Additional Info
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benefits of logistic ?

Reduced Costs and Increasing productivity .

Tracking and monitoring drivers/orders/warehouses.

Inclusive reports and data analysis.

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