Pedestrian Tag (PT)

When people enter the Caution/Danger Range, the Pedestrian Tag creates both vibration and sound alarm. This device is configurable and rechargeable.

Crossway Zone Tag (CZT) and Flash Zone Tag (FZT)

Prevents collisions of vehicles entering an intersection in industrial working sites and manufacturing facilities.

Vehicle Tag (VT) and Indicator (IND)

Installed on top of the vehicle, the Vehicle Tag detects the Pedestrian Tag, another Vehicle Tag (VT), the Flashlight Zone Tag (FZT) and the Crossway Zone Tag (CZT) using UWB (Ultra-wide Band) Technology.

Workers Personal Tracking (BLE Beacon)

The BLE beacon enables tracking all workers inside the construction site to be able to monitor all equipment and worker at all times.

Machinery Tracking Device (BLE Vehicle GNSS Tracker)

Machine GNSS tracker which adopts the wireless Bluetooth technology which can be connected to Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors and Bluetooth beacons. It supports the driving behavior analysis function so as to ensure a safe drive. It features the IP67 waterproof and high temperature resistant for harsh environments.

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